Web3 Jobs: Here’s How To Find A Job In Web3

The Web3 and cryptocurrency industries are among the booming employment pathways in the market, despite being in their infancy. With some forecasts predicting a 395% increase in crypto job opportunities in the US between 2020 and 2021, there is an increasing need for Web3 talent. Companies from all industries are actively hiring for Web3 positions, including software behemoths like Microsoft and Meta as well as brand-new Web3 startups.

So this tutorial is for you if you’re looking for a job in Web3 or the metaverse. Everything you ought to know about using Web3 to locate employment will be covered. Additionally, we’ll talk about the opportunities in the field, the qualifications you’ll need to get your dream job, and more. Let’s get started straight now without further ado!

What are the opportunities in Web3?

The number of job openings in the Web3 industry is increasing daily as a result of some of the largest corporations entering the market and new startups being founded on a daily basis. These positions can be found more particularly in the NFT sector, the metaverse, DeFi, or crypto, to mention a few. Currently, there are many prospects for professional advancement in a new industry in the Web3 space, much like there were in the early days of the Internet revolution.

The industry typically provides a lot of remote employment opportunities. In other words, remote Web3 employment enable you to pursue your passions while relaxing at home (and most likely in your jammies)! Additionally, there are positions that appeal to a variety of skill sets; from marketing and coding to designing, writing, and community administration, there are numerous options.

In addition to these benefits, Web3 jobs give workers the opportunity to join exclusive groups and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). Aside from the possibility of receiving NFT airdrops and other benefits, they might also be able to attend Web3 conferences and events around the world.

Can I get a job in the metaverse?

The metaverse, dubbed the Internet’s future, is gaining popularity. The employment options in the virtual world are similar. You can collaborate with titans of the metaverse like The Sandbox, Decentraland, Roblox, and Meta if you have the necessary skill sets.

Blockchain, augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and other technologies will be used in the backend. As an alternative, you can work in the metaverse as an ecosystem developer, asset advisor, or metaverse planner, among other positions.

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What skills are needed for Web3?

The first step in landing a Web3 job is to acquire the necessary skill sets. Here are some of the top skills you can master to get your dream Web3 job:


The Web3 space needs designers to ensure appealing UI and UX to attract more users. The duties of a designer might include everything from creating websites and metaverse components to determining the final look of a project. Learn software like Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Sketchbook, Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer, and JavaScript if this is a field in which you are interested.

Development and coding

Some of the popular Web3 positions include frontend and backend developers, smart contract developers, and blockchain developers. So if coding is your specialty, this is where you should concentrate. For instance, smart contracts are an essential component of all NFTs. Trusted transactions between two or more parties are made possible by this digital contract that is expressed in code.

Naturally, in order to get started, developers will need some technical knowledge and a solid grasp of the many blockchain networks. Because the stakes are so high, competent coders are highly sought after and paid well. The typical Web3 developer compensation, according to one source, varies from $100K to $150K annually.

It goes without saying that understanding of computer programming languages like React, JavaScript, Solidity, NodeJS, and API integrations is necessary to be proficient in this field. You can even look at Web3JS and EthersJS if you have already mastered JavaScript.

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Content creation

For projects to connect with their audience, they need top-notch content. Content creation entails producing various sorts of educational content for platforms like websites and social media. This may take the form of articles, memes, posts on social media, blogs, emails, advertisements, and more.

In actuality, content development goes beyond writing and includes, to mention a few, podcasts, videos, and NFT TV episodes. Therefore, you could want to check for content creation Web3 employment if you have a knack for writing and/or good video- or podcast-making talents.

Sales and marketing

Obviously, a project can only be deemed successful if it generates revenue. Sales and marketing managers are in high demand because of this. Refresh your knowledge of content marketing, get familiar with the details of social media campaigns, and gain a firm understanding of the fundamental analytical tools for SEO and marketing. You may even improve your skills with some immersive marketing strategies and tools to stand out from the crowd!

Social media/community management

Managing communities through social media is another popular Web3 job. In essence, the task is creating a natural community around a Web3 project. The duties of a social media and/or community manager include administering forums, a variety of social media accounts (particularly Discord), and communities. You must have in-depth understanding of the sector as well as exceptional marketing abilities to succeed in this position.

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Getting a job in Web3 with no experience

How do you land a Web3 job if you are brand-new to the industry and lack experience? The most important thing for you to do is develop a Web3 skill. You can concentrate on a skill from the list above based on your interests and strengths. In an ideal world, you could like to concentrate on a particular industry, such metaverse, gaming, NFTs, or DeFi.

Being an early adopter can help you understand how the Web3 space operates. Keep up with industry developments, follow leading projects, join their Discords, and participate actively. Additionally, you can submit an application for an internship with a Web3 business.

This will assist you in gaining appropriate experience and in determining the career path you wish to pursue.

You might also begin by serving as a community moderator for an NFT or cryptocurrency project. You will get a great deal from this in terms of expanding your network and learning more about the field.

How do I get a job in Web3?

Now that we have covered the basics of Web3 jobs, how exactly do you find a relevant job in the space? Well, we have you covered:

Apply via a Web3 jobs board: The conventional method of job searching—job boards—can be used to find Web3 jobs with ease. You should start your employment search on websites like AngelList, CryptoJobsList, Indeed, and Crypto Recruit.

Answer job posts on Twitter: Twitter is a very active platform for Web3 projects, and they frequently advertise job openings there. Consequently, keep an eye on Twitter and get in touch with job posters.

Find jobs on LinkedIn: You can network with experts from across the world and look for Web3 employment on the well-known professional networking site LinkedIn. The simple-to-use platform has many helpful features, including the ability to receive notifications on jobs you might be interested in.


There are undoubtedly many job prospects in Web3 for people with an interest in the industry. But upgrading from Web2 to Web3 is all about gaining the necessary tech knowledge and skills. Naturally, you must be well-versed in every aspect of the sector, including NFTs, blockchains, DAOs, the metaverse, and cryptocurrency.

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