The Best NFT Apps For Staying Ahead Of The Game

Being proactive is key to being a smart NFT investor. You must be quick and informed on all the advances given the speed at which the industry is developing. You should be familiar with the top NFT apps for Android and iPhone because of this. Don’t worry if you’re wondering what the best NFT apps are; we’ve got you covered!

The finest cryptocurrency and NFT apps for Android and iPhone will be covered in this article. Additionally, we’ll talk about the finest NFT art creation applications, free NFT apps for Android, and much more.

Best app for finding NFT

First, let’s see what are the best mobile apps to find NFTs:


OpenSea need no introduction if you are already involved in the NFT industry. OpenSea, the biggest NFT market in the world, is a fantastic resource for finding assets of all kinds. On the app, it’s simple to purchase, sell, and mint NFTs. You can find pretty much all types of NFTs on the app, from collectibles, photography, and trading cards to art, sports, and music.


A smartphone app and marketplace specifically for digital collectibles is called VeVe. This is the ideal app if you’re seeking for NFT collectibles from some of the largest IPs and brands in popular culture, gaming, anime, sports, or movies. The programme actually touts collaborations with a number of well-known companies, like Batman, Marvel, DC Comics, Fast and the Furious, Star Trek, and Disney, to name a few.

Best app for buying and selling NFTs


Crypto is required to purchase and sell NFTs on the majority of marketplaces. Cryptocurrency wallets like Metamask will be useful in this situation. The wallet will also keep your NFTs in addition to securely storing your cryptocurrency. Additionally, Metamask is supported by the majority of marketplaces and supports all Ether-based tokens. On both Android and iPhone, setup and use are simple. It also includes a variety of security measures, such as a key vault.


If you are not into buying and selling NFTs with crypto, you can use VeVe. The app allows you to trade NFTs using fiat. 

How to make NFT on your phone

If you want to create NFT on your phone, here are some of the best options:

NFT creator apps 

Appypie is a fantastic choice if you want to make NFTs without the difficulties of programming. You may make digital art and convert it into NFT without knowing any coding thanks to this free NFT creator programme and app. You can import graphics and add layers to your design using the NFT templates that the software provides. When finished, just sell the NFT after exporting it!

Credit: NFT art creator

SketchAR is a different NFT creation programme you can check out. It is an AR drawing app that was established in 2017. Using the AR-enabled mobile app, you can generate and mint NFTs. Furthermore, you can sell your NFTs on its own NFT marketplace.

As an alternative, you might want to look into NFT Art Creator if you use an iPhone. It is a tool for creating artistic NFTs and creating NFTs on Ethereum. Additionally, you can directly mint NFT to your MetaMask wallet.

AI art apps for creating NFTs 

Want to be a little more inventive with not as much work? You should then try AI art programmes! In fact, AI art apps are currently popular since more and more NFT producers are choosing them.

For instance, the OpenAI DALLE 2 AI system enables the creation of photorealistic digital images from text descriptions. It can also blend different ideas, qualities, and fashions. Additionally, it can use an image to stimulate the creation of derivatives.

Similar to this, Midjourney, a non-profit research facility, provides the Midjourney Bot to produce photographs. On their main Discord server, you can also use the Midjourney Bot as an alternative. You can also provide the bot with different instructions to create your artwork here.However, you can only create a limited number of images for free. You will have to subscribe to create more.

Credit: DALL·E 2

Best apps for analytics and NFT statistics

Being an NFT investor obviously requires you to be a master of NFT analytics. First, you can utilise gas price checker applications to keep up with gas costs. Gwei (for iOS),, and CoinGecko are a few possibilities.

Then, floor alarm apps will be useful if you are avidly tracking an NFT and watching for its floor to drop. These will notify you each time the floor of the desired NFT lowers. For instance, the NFT floor alert and monitoring app KountDown.


Having the proper tools can make your journey with digital assets lot simpler, whether you are a novice or a seasoned NFT user. NFT apps offer investors a quick, simple, and mobile way to buy, sell, and construct NFTs, among other things. These programmes might be very helpful for any NFT requirements.

Keep in mind, though, that NFT apps might demand a fee for using their services. Additionally, as usual, conduct your own research before making any conclusions.

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