OpenSea Co-Founder Alex Atallah Resigns To “Focus On New Ventures”

Co-founder of OpenSea Alex Atallah made his departure formally known on Twitter. Atallah stated that he would leave his position in August to “concentrate on new endeavours.” Despite his resignation, Alex Atallah declared that he still intends to stay on the board of OpenSea in order to provide the team advice and represent the platform.

Why is the co-founder resigning?

Alex Atallah played multiple responsibilities while OpenSea was still a young startup, including marketing, community assistance, and business development. The site, however, became the most popular NFT marketplace in the globe following the 2021 NFT boom.

As a result, the business started looking for fresh candidates to fill newly formed leadership positions. Atallah was relieved of many of his former duties when Marko Iskander was named the new VP of Engineering and Nadav Hollander was named CTO.

Alex Atallah’s statement

Alex Atallah writes in a blog entry titled “New Beginnings” that “My last day will be July 30, and I’ll continue on the board. I’m more enthused than ever about OpenSea’s potential, its course, and the management group in charge. Now that a strong basis has been established, I feel ready to return to my main interest, creating something from scratch.

I will always be a part of OpenSea. Even if I tried, I couldn’t possible stop thinking about the fascinating challenges we address every day. OpenSea has been expertly managed by Devin, who has taken it to heights we never imagined. And now that we have everyone, I feel fully certain that you will continue to develop and expand OpenSea in right direction.

Alex Atallah plans to launch new businesses after taking a well-earned vacation month. He also said that he would return to the cryptocurrency industry and create new products there.

The departure of Alex Atallah follows a slew of OpenSea scandals. Numerous OpenSea users were the victims of data breaches at the end of June. Due to this, the NFT marketplace was compelled to email users to let them know what had transpired.

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