Top 15 Web3 Companies in 2022

Web3, which is still a work in progress, gained popularity in 2021 and is still a hot topic this year. As NFTs, DeFi, cryptocurrency, and other blockchain-based applications gain popularity, more and more brands, businesses, and people are stepping into the Web3 realm. What are some of the leading Web3 businesses driving the Web3 revolution, … Read more

A Guide To The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) NFT Domains

Do you know what ENS domains are? The Ethereum Name Service, perhaps? Those involved in the cryptocurrency industry are likely well aware of the difficulties in employing lengthy wallet addresses. Basically, you must enter your wallet address—a lengthy string of numbers and letters—every time you wish to conduct a cryptographic transaction. These lengthy addresses have … Read more

OpenSea Lays Off 20% Of Its Workforce

Devin Finzer, co-founder and CEO of OpenSea, revealed that 20% of the company’s staff had been let go. He broke the terrible news that the business must reduce the amount of its personnel in a lengthy and passionate message. The declaration comes to the conclusion that the “crypto winter” and general economic unpredictability are directly … Read more