Best NFT Giveaways in 2022 / How do I get free NFT giveaways?

It’s 2022 and the NFT market is skyrocketing in popularity – and so are free giveaways. From new NFT projects to whales and influencers, everybody wants to reward their community with exciting prizes. If you’re wondering how to find the best Twitter or Discord NFT giveaways, our in-depth post explains the basics.

Stick until the end to find out how you can join these competitions, who is hosting them, how to spot scams, and more!

How do I get free NFT giveaways?

It hinges on the project in this instance. Only NFT holders may participate in some prizes, while others are intended to draw new community members. In either case, exposure is their common objective.

You can now participate in two different sorts of giveaways:

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Simple guidelines govern these free NFT gifts. The team behind a project typically requests that participants like and retweet a particular message. Sometimes it’s also necessary to follow other accounts or tag other people in comments.

Numerous winners may receive NFTs, cryptocurrencies, or even cash rewards from some organisers.

Such prizes are regularly held by Twitter NFT influencers, projects, and even marketplaces. Simply typing “NFT giveaway” into Twitter’s search bar is one method to find them.

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Fan art competitions

Why not use your artistic talent to obtain NFTs for nothing if you are a gifted artist?

Nowadays, a lot of NFT initiatives and influencers hold fan art contests. Basically, in order to win NFTs and other fascinating prizes, players must create original pieces of art. The artwork submissions must frequently draw inspiration from the organisers’ own NFT initiative.

For instance, in Deadfellaz’s well-known “Draw the Undead” derivative art competition, participants produced pieces of art based on the NFTs that they individually owned. The group nevertheless permitted non-holders to participate by drawing inspiration from two of the artefacts.

Of course, these contests require effort and time. However, they’re a fantastic way for artists to gain exposure. Just picture showcasing your artwork to a fresh Discord audience that shares your interests!

But where can you look for the best free NFT giveaways? Let’s investigate!

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Who is giving away NFTs?

These days, NFT freebies may be found anywhere, including Discord, Twitter, and Reddit. However, who is really running these contests, and where can you discover them?

There are essentially two types of creators:

NFT Projects

Giveaways are an effective strategy for growing one’s following, and NFT projects are aware of this. To gain more followers, the majority of new projects run freebies on Twitter or Discord. Some give away their first-ever NFT collectibles while others distribute money, cryptocurrency, or other resources.

However, don’t ignore larger initiatives. Administrators that value their community are constantly looking for novel approaches to reward supporters or increase their readership. Recently, Along With The Gods, a well-known P2E game, gave away $40K worth of NFTs as part of NFT Evening!

NFT Influencers

The majority of NFT influencers give their community as much attention as they do to initiatives. Their free NFT gifts can even surprise you with how inventive they are!

The NFT expert Gary Vee, for instance, gave away a VeeFriends NFT for each dozen copies of his book that were sold in the first 24 hours. His book “Twelve and a Half” became a best-seller as a result of this innovative NFT gift, which also gave the customers free memorabilia.

Before participating in a giveaway, you should double-check the influencer’s account, nevertheless. Keep in mind that anyone may today acquire a sizable following.

However, how can you distinguish between a genuine NFT gift and a con? What you need to know is as follows.

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Are free NFT giveaways legit?

“It depends” is the succinct response. The NFT industry is still new to many people compared to other markets, and scammers are aware of this. Unfortunately, hundreds of online wallets or accounts have been compromised by hackers.

One of their ploys, for instance, is to hold free NFT giveaways that demand you link your wallet to a specific site. Being asked for personal information or a connection to a digital wallet for a giveaway should raise a red signal as legitimate influencers or projects never do.

Second, keep an eye out for the giveaway’s reward. Basically, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Of course, some initiatives and NFT influencers are kind, but few would give away large sums of money or entire NFT collections.

How can you join NFT giveaways safely?

Participating in free giveaways run by official Discord channels or verified Twitter accounts is one of the best ways to keep safe. A project’s community can reveal more about its true purpose as you learn more about it.

But be careful—even the most reliable Twitter accounts can be compromised. Even the well-known NFT influencer Zeneca, whose Twitter account was hijacked earlier this summer, experienced it.

You should be able to participate in NFT giveaways safely as long as you bear in mind these straightforward guidelines. What if you want to organise your own contest, though?

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How to host an NFT giveaway

Have you recently debuted your own NFT initiative? Hosting free NFT giveaways with a chance component is one of the most effective marketing strategies for any artist. To begin with, neither you, the organiser, nor the attendees will pay anything using this technique (your audience).

Simply write a tweet outlining your giveaway’s guidelines, the prize, and the deadline. For greater exposure, be sure to incorporate pertinent hashtags like #NFTGiveaway.

You can use some of the collectibles as rewards to advertise your new NFT collection. Even better, you may tweet a picture of your NFT as part of the giveaway. As participants retweet your post, you’ll increase your exposure.

Exists an existing community for you? After that, you may start running contests on your Discord server. These contests could be exclusive to NFT holders or they could be accessible to everyone.


Finally, NFT giveaways are a fantastic way to grow a community while rewarding the current members. You can enter free Twitter contests that require liking and retweeting posts or compete in art competitions to see how talented you are.

NFT projects and influencers frequently hold prizes, so make sure to double-check their accounts before participating! Of course, as an NFT creator, you can begin running your own giveaways on Twitter or Discord.

We can all benefit from this straightforward yet clever strategy that attracts attention to any project and creates excitement about it.

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